I get asked by a lot of friends what to pack when visiting Melbourne – I assume it’s in anticipation of our well known temperamental weather and not just because they don’t know how to pack. So in an effort to answer all their questions in one hit here’s my Melbourne Survival Kit.


Coffee cards – This one’s for Seedling Cafe, my new favourite coffee and lunch spot just off Degraves. They do gluten free, dairy free and paleo food like bean’n’bacon salads, bliss balls, cakes and taaasty paleo brownies.

Myki – If you’re planning on taking public transport you’ll need one of these. Read my post on how they work here.

Book – Your tram/bus/train will be stalled at some point. Bring a book.

Deodorant – One of the lesser spoken of joys of living in weather that changes more than 4 times a day is you’re either caught without an umbrella or wearing too many layers and walking around in your own personal sauna. Deodorant – use it and carry it. I like Rexona Clinical Protection.

Umbrella – See above.

Sunglasses – See above.

iTunes – A city hikers best friend
Google Maps –  Try finding that new cocktail bar that’s down a street you’ve never heard of, through a side alley and up three flights of stairs without it. Go on.
Urbanspoon – On a city hike and want to find the best coffee nearby? ‘Spoon it.
Instagram – How else can you prove you’ve been anywhere?
WeatherApp – Sunny in the morning, torrential rain in the afternoon. It’s wise to look ahead.

Bandaids – A city hiker’s second best friend. I like these because it combines two of my favourite things – Shakespeare and insults.

So there you go – pack this in your bag and you’ll be ready for any weather or situation Melbourne can throw at you.

This is a sponsored post but views are 100% my own, so friends please don’t ignore them and keep getting caught without an umbrella.



  1. Valid point. You missed antihistamine tablets though to cope with all the fecking awful plane trees and other killer pollens 🙂
    I am now into my fourth year here and I am finally getting good at the whole layering/weatherproofing thing. My family laughs at me when I visit home (Brisbane) and take a cardi with me everywhere I go

    1. Oh, where would I be without Claratyne tablets! My family at me when I arrive in Perth wearing a jacket and cardigan in the middle of summer…

  2. Lip balm! Because the wind leaves me with chapped lips.

    I love Rexona Clinical Protection, it’s my absolute best friend in Sydney.

  3. This is a great Melbourne survival kit. A good deodorant is definitely a must (if only some people would remember that before using public transport 😉

    I would also add sunscreen for sunny days and good shoes for shopping around.

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