Month: August 2014


The hardest part about working full time is when spring slowly begins – mornings are cold and drizzly but by lunchtime the sun is out in all its glory and you’re stuck inside an office with only a brief lunchtime to get some Vitamin D. It’s these weeks when the weekend seems to arrive even slower. Not to waste mine indoors here’s what I’ll be up to this weekend.

  • Last weekend I made the most of Saturday’s sunshine and did a mini cross-city hike from Collingwood to Ascot Vale to go to Mister Nice Guy Bakeshop. I’m thinking this Saturday I might walk south for another visit to Pana Chocolate Shop.
  • Also tomorrow you’ll find me from 10am-4pm at Aunt Maggie’s Chocolate Festival in Brunswick. I hear it’s going to be terrible with absolutely no tasters and nothing worth seeing or eating so please don’t go… please.
  • Chowing down on some crab at Katie’s Crab Shack. If it’s called Katie’s it must be great and if it serves crab even greater.
  • Batman is my second favourite superhero so there’s no way I’m missing the Riddle Me This? Batman Exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery.
  • And laundry. That’s not exciting but I ran out of time last weekend and we’re now in dire times of crazy coloured costume tights and clothes that don’t quite fit.

What are you up to this weekend?


One of the treats from my last visit to Pana Chocolate Shop.



I finally, FINALLY made it to Brothl and it was well worth the wait.

Please don’t be alarmed I’m about to start reviewing establishments for ladies of the night, Brothl is the revamping of Joost Bakker’s Silo.
Like its predecessor it’s a no waste, enviro friendly cafe/restaurant but with an emphasis on broth – you really won’t find much else on the menu aside from broth. But this isn’t the dishwater tasting grey soup you might have been served in your youth (no offence mum). Brothl creates its broth from organic, local produce and sources their bones and other bits from some of Melbourne’s best restaurants.


Beef broth + extra goodies.



Hello sunshine! I’m planning on making the most of the warmer weather this weekend – it’s so long overdue! Let’s hope the temperature stays over 20C for a few days…

  • Sunny weather = long walks and Mr Nice Guy Bakeshop is an excellent end point to any stroll. I’ve been having mad cinnamon bun cravings all week.
  • TimeOut have featured some of the new stores that have opened at Emporium and I can already feel my bank account going down…
  • Melbourne Writer’s Festival has just begun! I’m planning to check out some of the free sessions this week and next.
  • I’m heading out to the Great Ocean Road on Sunday to show some friends around. It’ll be my third visit in a year but I still haven’t tired of the view!
  • I’ve got a Brothl date tonight – a phrase I never thought I’d utter. I’ll post about it next week and let you know if my super high expectations were met (I still miss Silo).

Just looked at Sunday’s forecast – rain and thunderstorms. Sigh.

Make the most of the sunshine while it lasts!





Thanks to the lovely people at IMAX Melbourne Museum I have 3x double passes to giveaway to see Jerusalem in 3D!

“Jerusalem takes audiences on an inspiring and eye-opening tour of one of the world’s oldest and most enigmatic cities. Destroyed and rebuilt countless times over 5,000 years, Jerusalem’s enduring appeal remains a mystery. What made it so important to so many different cultures? How did it become the center of the world for three major religions? Why does it still matter to us?

Jerusalem attempts to answer these questions by following three young Jerusalemites and their families – Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Through their eyes, audiences will learn what it means to call Jerusalem home and experience celebrations and events that mark the high points of a year in the life of the city.”  IMAX 

The film is narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock fame and is only showing for a limited season. Find out more about the movie here

To go in the draw just comment below your favourite place to brunch in Melbourne*.
Make sure to include your name and email address!

*Sorry this competition is only open to Melbourne based readers – national/international your time will come!
***Tickets are valid for 2 weeks from August 28 2014.
***Competition closes midnight Sunday August 24. Winners will be notified Monday August 25.


Yong Green Food has been a long time favourite restaurant of mine but it’s only recently that I’ve discovered their other appeal – they serve the world’s tiniest sushi*.

Look how small it is!

YongGreenFood (more…)


Is it just me or does the weather seem to be getting slightly warmer? Here’s hoping we get out of winter soon…
But while the chill lasts I’ll be keeping my winter activities (mostly) indoors.

Are you braving the outdoors this weekend?


A plate of Silo deliciousness.


Another week, another healthy/organic/ raw cafe opening in Melbourne. As a long time raw dessert fan (I’ve broken many blenders chopping nuts and dates) this is all delicious, raw music to my ears.

Raw Trader in the CBD is the newest to open offering a range of handmade raw desserts, granola and chia puddings alongside hot and cold coffees, hot chocolates, juices and smoothies.

RawTrader (more…)


This past fortnight I’ve been ticking off places I’ve long been meaning to eat at. After a deeelish brunch last week at Abbotsford’s LBSS next on my list was Northcote’s Barry.

I was only planning to  stop by for a coffee but as soon as I spotted homemade fruit & nut bread on the menu I was there for a meal. I’m on a personal mission to try every kind of fruit toast in the city. It’s a hard task but someone’s gotta do it. So far the leader is Stovetop. It’s super nutty and dense, more the texture of cake but that’s never a bad thing.

Back to Barry. The fruit toast came with whipped spiced orange ricotto and butter. Lots of butter. The whipped ricotta was balanced nicely by the spiced orange – neither too sweet or tart. The same could be said for the fruit and nut toast which came out in thick slices with an emphasis on spice rather than sugar.

BARRY (more…)


TGIF. It’s nearly the weekend! Sadly only a one day weekend for me as I’m working all Sunday. Here’s what I’m going to try to cram in to make the most of my short break…

And if I can squeeze it in, a cheeky breakfast at Little Big Sugar Salt before work on Monday…


LBSS acai bowl. So health.


Little Big Sugar Salt has been on my ‘to brunch’ list for a long time but as it’s out in Abbotsford my inherent laziness had prevented me from visiting. In an effort to expand my dining circle beyond Fitzroy and the CBD this week I woke up a little bit earlier, put on my walking shoes and trekked* out to Abbotsford for brunch.

*In full disclosure it only took me 20 minutes to walk there so it’s not really ‘that’ far. I am just lazy.

LBSS (more…)