Despite my love of art and frequent visits to Sydney, I’d never been inside the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. It’d been on my list of things ‘to do’ and I’d wandered past its impressive home on The Rocks many times but going inside had always eluded me.

This time, I was determined.

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Attending the world premiere of Victorian Opera’s latest show The Riders last night I had some reservations. Firstly, after over studying Tim Winton’s many works during primary and highschool I wouldn’t list myself as his biggest fan. This is of course not Mr Winton’s fault but more a fault of the WA Curriculum which at that time found an Australian author and stuck rigidly to his work. In one year I studied one of his short stories 3 times in different classes. THREE TIMES.
Secondly, my experience with opera is limited, probably the most out of all of the art forms of theatre, musical theatre, ballet, music etc. As much as I know there is more to opera than old, fat people singing in Latin, going into my first Victorian Opera show I still struggled to shake the stereotype.

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Guyyyys, Melbourne Fringe Festival is here! I am super excited to see what’s in store this year and rather than follow any suggestions from Time Out or Broadsheet (as per my norm) I’ve decided to choose shows entirely at random.
So here’s what’s on my list so far – I’ll be updating it as I go so keep checking back.

Die Roten Punkte: Acrobat vs Idiot – I saw this duo at the Perth Fringe Festival in EUROSMASH (also at Fringe) and I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Go see one/both of their shows!
Street Art on the Spot
Glamping with Bobby and the Pins
Who Killed MamaShak? It’s not a Fringe fest without some burlesque. I saw Chest of Wonders fundraising show a few weeks ago and have been counting down to see what they were raising $$$ for. These ladies are fab.
Reception:The Musical
Bucket’s List
10 Things You Can’t Do On Stage

Let me know any recommendations you have. I’m still undecided between some of the performances…. I really should have started saving my $$$ earlier for tickets. But who needs food when you have the theatre?

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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do a post about one of my favourite galleries in Melbourne. In the heart of Collingwood, Off the Kerb Gallery & Studios exhibits up and coming local and international artists.  I’ve seen several of their exhibitions since I moved to Melbourne but their current is by far my favourite. Even based on its subject matter alone: cats (yes, I am a mad cat person).

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A lazy Saturday afternoon lead me to Fitzroy’s Sutton Gallery. Gallery hopping is one of my favourite solo activities, wandering through galleries to view the exhibitions without any knowledge of who the artist is or what’s on.

Catherine Bell’s The Remains of the Day and Helga Grove’s Suspended Animation were closing that day – fortunate timing for me! Not for you, so apologies. You’ll have to do some googling.

Out of the two I found Groves’ work the most meditative and absorbing while Bell’s was far quirkier. Both exhibitions were based around geography with each artist using unique techniques to represent their landscapes. Groves’ basing her work on Artic map lichen growing on granite rocks that appeared as topographical images while Bell sculpted her landscapes out of florist’s foam.

Helga Groves Suspended Animation 

“Groves’ polygon shaped paintings on wood are a tribute to the shaped canvases as hybrids of painting and sculpture that grew out of 1960s abstraction. Through turning the congruent shapes on their axis, cyclic rotation suggests movement. These shifts are also marked through the repetition of the hand-drawn mark in layers as an infinite reversioning of nature’s primal template. In these and other works presented in Suspended Animation, Groves reflects on the significance of the ancient and adaptive forms of plant life that have survived in the most rugged and hostile of terrains familiar to her. Used by climatologists to ascertain the age of rock and glacial deposits, they provide further resonant ground for her ongoing investigation into topographical form.” Sutton Gallery 

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Bushido: Way of the Samurai is the newest (free) exhibition at the NGV.  The collection of samurai artefacts includes costumes, calligraphic scrolls, tea utensils, prints and screen paintings from the NGV’s archives, some exhibited for the first time, as well as items from private collectors.

It’s a fascinating and beautifully displayed exhibit that goes beyond the legend of the samurai and explores the lifestyle of the aristocratic warriors who ruled Japanese society for more than 800 years.

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For one weekend every year buildings around Melbourne opens their doors and lets the public in to have a bit of a snoop around.

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Today’s post comes courtesy of Georgia.  She lives in Sydney, I live in Melbourne so we decided to do a swapsie to show each other around our city (read my 24 Hours in Melbourne here).
Her blog Inner City Stinge follows Georgia’s pursuit of a champagne lifestyle on a VB budget. When she’s not eating, she’s probably still eating… 
I’ve made Sydney my home for the past two and a half years, but it can be an expensive city to live in, especially with rent where it is these days.
So how’s a girl supposed to have a little fun around here without wads of cash to blow? Well I’ve written up the perfect 24 hours in Sydney based on my favourite places to hang out and take visitors.
Expect to be jumping on and off public transit all day, so pick up a day pass first thing to save time and money.
Well, look no further. If you’ve found yourself in Sydney for the weekend and can’t afford to stay at the Shangri-la or dine at Tetsuyas, there’s still a tonne of fabulous things to do without blowing your budget.



I’d heard mixed reviews about ACMI’s latest exhibition but as soon as I stepped foot into the foyer and was greeted by a giant Melman I was in my element.

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Q: Is there a better way to spend a day than patting dogs and playing with puppies?

A: No.

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