I get asked by a lot of friends what to pack when visiting Melbourne – I assume it’s in anticipation of our well known temperamental weather and not just because they don’t know how to pack. So in an effort to answer all their questions in one hit here’s my Melbourne Survival Kit.

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House-hunting is the worst. As much as I enjoy snooping around other people’s homes, repeatedly leaving work early or waking up at 8am on a Saturday morning gets a little tiresome.

Tuesday’s (unsuccessful) house viewing was made a little brighter as it brought us right near Proud Mary at lunchtime. One of Collingwood’s most beloved cafes it’s been on my list since I moved to Melbourne but the prospect of staggeringly long queues on weekends had put me off.

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How’s your week been? I went to two Melbourne Fringe Festival shows – Chest of Wonders & Snap.Catch.Slam. Both were excellent and I recommend checking them out before the festival finishes. Otherwise it’s been visits to Raw Trader, avoiding the gym,  late nights at the office and brownies for dinner (oops). Here’s to a slightly healthier weekend and week ahead…

Have a great weekend!


Spotted on last weekend’s city hike.


City hikes are becoming a bit of a habit for me. When the weather’s nice I set aside an afternoon on the weekend to go for a long walk around Melbourne. I usually base my hikes around places to eat that I wouldn’t normally visit, i.e. it takes me approx 1.5 hours to walk to Mister Nice Guy Bakeshop so I ‘hike’ there, eat delicious things and ‘hike’ back.

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Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Orange juice!
Orange juice who?
Orange juice going to talk to me!

I’m sorry but also… not really. Please comment your favourite knock knock joke so we can start an amazing knock knock joke comment thread – the more ‘dad joke’ the better. I haven’t had my coffee this morning – can you tell??

All jokes aside, serious cafe time.
I saw Knock Knock cafe on Allergic In Melbourne’s blog last week and her breakfast looked so tasty I had to visit it myself.

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I just realised I start nearly every ‘Weekend Wandering’ with comments about the weather…. #sorrynotsorry. I suppose I can call myself a true ‘Melbournian’ now. So avoiding commenting on the weather too much (hooraythesunisback!) this weekend is all about GRAND FINALS FEVER.

If you’re new to Melbourne and not a fan of AFL I suggest you leave town for the weekend. Otherwise find a pub Saturday arvo and pick a team! Sydney Swans v Hawthorn Hawks – should be a good one. Although I’m a born’n bred West Coast Eagles fan I’ll be barracking for Hawthorn out of loyalty for my new home state.
Aside from watching the footy and drinking beer for most of Saturday here’s what else I’ll be up to this weekend:

  • Long walks, or ‘city hikes’ as I like to call them, are becoming a bit of a weekend habit and this Sunday I’m hoping to make it up to the Abbotsford Convent and loop around the gardens.
  • Got my tickets booked and most spangly outfit prepared for Fringe Festival’s Who Killed MamaShak? on Sunday night. I’ll be putting up a review on Monday so keep an eye out for it!
  • More active activities: rock climbing. It’s been a while since I did any indoor climbing but my inner monkey has been calling.
  • Trying to recruit ‘volunteers’ for the Royal Melbourne Show (on until Wednesday October 1st) – mostly so I can pat/admire all the show dogs.
  • If I haven’t drunk enough beer on Saturday, there’s always Oktoberfest at the Melbourne Hophaus.

Go Hawks!


I’m hoping this picture of a Pina Colada drunk last weekend at The Rum Diary Bar will encourage more tropical weather.


Attending the world premiere of Victorian Opera’s latest show The Riders last night I had some reservations. Firstly, after over studying Tim Winton’s many works during primary and highschool I wouldn’t list myself as his biggest fan. This is of course not Mr Winton’s fault but more a fault of the WA Curriculum which at that time found an Australian author and stuck rigidly to his work. In one year I studied one of his short stories 3 times in different classes. THREE TIMES.
Secondly, my experience with opera is limited, probably the most out of all of the art forms of theatre, musical theatre, ballet, music etc. As much as I know there is more to opera than old, fat people singing in Latin, going into my first Victorian Opera show I still struggled to shake the stereotype.

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Returning to work after a holiday is difficult. I spent last week/weekend in Perth for a wedding (which was lovely) and enjoying the weather (which was lovely). Back in Melbourne the weather is not so lovely…. let’s hope spring comes back asap!
(PS – Apologies there’s no ‘Weekend Wanderings’ this week, I was too busy eating and drinking in Perth to see what was happening back home.)

What has helped with my post holiday blues was my first visit to my new favourite lunchtime spot – Blue Buddha Cafe.

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Last Sunday with friends in town and the sun in the sky we headed to the hills to take a ride on Puffing Billy.
Puffing Billy is a century old steam train lovingly preserved and maintained by an army of volunteers. The train runs on its original tracks from Belgrave to Gembrook in the Dandenong Ranges and was used to connect some of Victoria’s rural areas.

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So I didn’t achieve anything on my list last weekend. I spent most of it making the most of the sunny weather and meeting friends for coffee/juice in parks, which isn’t too bad a trade.
Did anyone go to the Chocolate Festival? I stayed a little more local and stopped by Vegan Day Out at the Cruelty Free Shop. Amazing vegan baclava.

So this weekend, here’s hoping I cross some off my list.

– Riddle Me This? Batman Exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery and as I’ll be in the area another visit to Pana Chocolate 
– I’m heading to Healesville on Sunday to release my inner kid and take a ride on Puffing Billy
Strawberry Fields Launch Party on Saturday night
– Brunching at Breakfast Thieves, don’t leave without trying their lamingtons!

Was anyone else freezing cold this morning? 6 degrees on the fifth day of Spring?? What is this Melbourne!

All the bacon at Breakfast Thieves

All the bacon at Breakfast Thieves