You know you had a good weekend when you pledge to begin some kind of health/fitness kick on the Monday. For my housemates and I that was us on Monday night after a long weekend away in Sydney. It was hedonistic in the best kind of way – friends, food, sun, lunchtime mimosas, brunch, more drinks and pancakes.

IMG_4625Not just any pancakes, I had THE best pancakes I’ve ever stuffed my face with. Yup, big claim but I’ll make it. Even better these were organic buckwheat cacao pancakes with fruit and agave syrup. So practically a health food.


The best pancakes ever were from O Cafe, a tiny cafe in Surry Hills. As the name suggests the cafe only uses local, organic ingredients and were the first certified organic cafe in Sydney.


With my pancakes I slurped down a Liverlicious Green Smoothie – green apple, kale, spinach, mint, parsley, celery, cucumber, camu, flaxseeds and coconut water. It was goooood and thick.


The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch with options for any dietary preferences or requirements, including meat eaters.  The menu is very varied and includes items like Moroccan spiced lamb & veg stew, tofu scramble, egg & bacon roll, vegan french toast and superfood smoothies. They also have a good looking snacks and desserts cabinet by the entrance.



Don’t dismiss O Cafe as a health food cafe that only serves brown rice and kale. The food is delicious, nutritious and they have THE BEST pancakes.

O Cafe
487 Crown Street
Surry Hills, Sydney

O Organic Produce Cafe on Urbanspoon


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