Month: July 2014


After a hectic fortnight at work I’m looking forward to spending most of the weekend indoors with a hot water bottle catching up on my TV shows. But I will drag myself out the house and put on pants for these:

What will you be braving the weather for?

Feasting at Smith & Daughters

Feasting at Smith & Daughters



Winter in Melbourne can be brutal. When it’s cold and raining outside there’s nothing better than hiding away with a hot chocolate and a good book.

Fortunately there are plenty of places to hide away in and none better than Collingwood’s Monsieur Truffe.

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For one weekend every year buildings around Melbourne opens their doors and lets the public in to have a bit of a snoop around.

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It’s been a long week. A long week of over working, under sleeping, poor eating and many mugs jugs of coffee. A week that called for wine and something delicious that contained at least one vegetable – it’s only a Thursday after all.

A friend is in town for the 20th International Aids Conference and I’d been scratching my head all week thinking of somewhere in the CBD for an easy, inexpensive yet typically ‘Melbourne’ spot for dinner and drinks – with no queuing required.

Thursday arvo it hit me in one of those ‘duh’ moments: Shebeen Bar.

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What are you doing this weekend?
Here’s how I’m planning to escape the cold weather….

And lots of TV/couch time under piles of blankets…

Stay warm peeps!

Flour Market Easter Bake Sale

Flour Market Easter Bake Sale


With a menu that boasts green pea and tuna croquettes, egg and potato tortilla slice, cheese and chorizo you’d assume Smith & Daughters wasn’t a vegan friendly venue.

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Last weekend were two of the most delicious days of the year as Melbourne hosted its very first truffle festival. They kindly invited me to attend and so with my most truffle-mad friend and growling tummies we hopped on a train to Caulfield to indulge in everything truffle.

One of my food highlights of the day was offered to us before we’d even set foot in the exhibition area. Little bowls of potato and leek soup with freshly shaved truffle, truffle oil and a crouton smothered in truffle butter were handed to each visitor as we entered. The soup was outrageously good and I would have very happily eaten a huge bowl of it. I’ll admit as we left we went back for seconds… and considered thirds.

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Today’s post comes courtesy of Georgia.  She lives in Sydney, I live in Melbourne so we decided to do a swapsie to show each other around our city (read my 24 Hours in Melbourne here).
Her blog Inner City Stinge follows Georgia’s pursuit of a champagne lifestyle on a VB budget. When she’s not eating, she’s probably still eating… 
I’ve made Sydney my home for the past two and a half years, but it can be an expensive city to live in, especially with rent where it is these days.
So how’s a girl supposed to have a little fun around here without wads of cash to blow? Well I’ve written up the perfect 24 hours in Sydney based on my favourite places to hang out and take visitors.
Expect to be jumping on and off public transit all day, so pick up a day pass first thing to save time and money.
Well, look no further. If you’ve found yourself in Sydney for the weekend and can’t afford to stay at the Shangri-la or dine at Tetsuyas, there’s still a tonne of fabulous things to do without blowing your budget.



Silo by Joost, one of my favourite cafes in Melbourne, has closed its doors for a revamp and reopening on July 26th. While I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with, there was no way I could make it to the end of July without one more classic Silo brunch.

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I apologise for the lack of posts this week. It’s been crazy hectic at work as I’ve been placed in charge while the boss is away – risky move – so it’s all a little WHOA. Also this week I’ve had a small rodent visitor who’s been leaving me little presents every morning on my desk – super gross. So there goes half my morning disinfecting everything.

While we wait for normal blogging to resume here’s some snaps I took of Richmond over the weekend. I live and work in the north and as I don’t have a car I rarely tend to venture beyond the CBD. It’s a bit of a shame as whenever I do I stumble across all kinds of quirky shops, cafes and sights.

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