Returning to work after a holiday is difficult. I spent last week/weekend in Perth for a wedding (which was lovely) and enjoying the weather (which was lovely). Back in Melbourne the weather is not so lovely…. let’s hope spring comes back asap!
(PS – Apologies there’s no ‘Weekend Wanderings’ this week, I was too busy eating and drinking in Perth to see what was happening back home.)

What has helped with my post holiday blues was my first visit to my new favourite lunchtime spot – Blue Buddha Cafe.

Blue Buddha Cafe

It’s a cosy, little cafe opposite the Queen Vic Markets. They’ve only been open 6 weeks and I was lucky enough to have the whole place to myself at noon on a Wednesday. The cafe serves up tasty vego food and drinks and also stocks products and gifts with an emphasis on fair-trade, local and organic products.


photo 4-55



The food menu is short and seasonal and also includes coffees, juices and smoothies. For sweets there’s a changing menu of baked goods and raw desserts – have a look at their Facebook page for the latest.


For lunch I ordered ‘Smashing Raph’ – smashed avocado, feta and mushroom bacon on sourdough. Mushroom bacon is my new favourite thing. It tastes like bacon, smells like bacon and is just SO DELICIOUS. I was tempted to go for a sneaky post lunch dessert but as I’d spent the previous week eating dessert I felt some self-restraint was needed*.


The cafe feels like a friend’s house filled with boardgames, books, magazines, newspapers and instruments dotted around the room. I spent my lunch reading The Guardian’s coverage of Scotland’s referendum. As a politics major/nerd I am obsessively watching the results filter through now. SO EXCITING. AM I RIGHT?


If you’re looking for me at lunchtime on a weekday I’ll probably be at Blue Buddha Cafe. The Thai Pancakes are next on my list – coconut ice-cream! – as well as the Hulk Smoothie and banana bread because I am a banana bread fiend and must try every I see.

For cheap, tasty food that’s good for you and the community, head down to Blue Buddha cafe. Just don’t take my spot on the couch in the corner.

*I had dessert at Raw Trader that night. Self restraint only goes so far.

Blue Buddha Cafe
30/1 O’Connell Street
West Melbourne

Blue Buddha Café on Urbanspoon



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