Sayers is always one of my first stops when I’m in Perth because, well, just look at this plate of deliciousness.


That’s their famous coriander and cumin beans tagine with babaganoush, poached egg and extra avocado on the side. Always extra avo. It’s my usual Sayers order, although it is guaranteed to make you a little more musical for the rest of the day….


But for this visit with my sister I opted for a mixed plate of poached eggs on rye bread, mushrooms, tomato and bacon.


I loved everything on this plate although the bacon could’ve been a little crispier. The rye was dense and packed with seeds and the mushrooms were perfectly grilled and served with a dollop of pesto. We washed our meals down with super healthy green juices of celery, fennel, ginger and lemon.


So much health.


We gossipedย and swapped travel stories (sibling had just returned from Europe) over several coffees and chai lattes servedย in the cutest teapot and cups.


Sayers uses local produce and are very accommodating to any dietary requirements. Their menu features many of the classics like eggs any way and porridge, alongside some exciting variations such as salt beef croquettes with fried eggs, ricotta and pine nut crepes with maple and cumin sweet potato and lemon custard filled cinnamon sugared doughnuts with hot chocolate sauce. Their potato rosti’s are also pretty damn good.


Make sure you leave enough room for something sweet from their counter. It’s always covered with an assortment of delicious cakes, muffins, slices and other baked treats.


You definitely won’t leave Sayers hungry.

Sayers can get a little veryย busy on weekends but you can always visit their sibling Sayers Sister in Northbridge. They serveย a similar menu and also have a drool-worthy counter display.

224 Carr Place
Leederville, Perth

Sayers on Urbanspoon



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