I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do a post about one of my favourite galleries in Melbourne. In the heart of Collingwood, Off the Kerb Gallery & Studios exhibits up and coming local and international artists.  I’ve seen several of their exhibitions since I moved to Melbourne but their current is by far my favourite. Even based on its subject matter alone: cats (yes, I am a mad cat person).

Off The Kerb

100 Cats celebrates Off the Kerb’s 100th exhibition as well as raising funds and provisions for Ingrid’s Haven, a not-for-profit cat shelter in Victoria. The pieces by over 46 artists are all hugely different in style with only a common theme of cats. Portraits of cats sleeping, hunting, with their owners, posing, eating and more fill the galleries two levels.

Off the Kerb Gallery

Off the Kerb Gallery

Off the Kerb Gallery

Off the Kerb Gallery

Off the Kerb Gallery

Off the Kerb Gallery

Off the Kerb Gallery

Mitch Vane’s ‘The Gift’ (above) was one of my favourites for its depiction of a simple but oh so familiar scene for any cat owner. I left my cat with my family in Perth when I moved east and while I miss him I do not miss his gifts. Or 3am wake up yowling/face clawing.

The exhibition is on until September 19th and even if you’re more of a dog person it’s worth a look through. When I visited there were still a few pieces up for sale so if you’re planning on adding to your collection get down quick!

Here Kitty
100 Cats: Off the Kerb 100th Exhibition
66B Johnston Street



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