I’m not a super healthy person. But, as you might have noticed in my last few posts, I’ve been trying to be healthier and make conscious decisions about what I eat.
Having said that I polished off a tub of Ben & Jerry’s for dessert- dinner on Monday night after several wines and dumplings so clearly I have some way to go.
Baby steps…


One of my baby steps on the road to green smoothies and salads (eeeekk) is my monthly delivery of a Goodness Me Box. It combines three of my  favourite things – mail, food, new things and is super fun. At the start of every month a box is delivered to my work filled with the latest health products. It’s like a present to yourself every month!


Here are some of my favourite products from this month’s box:
I am super excited about Yousli because THE BOWL HAS AN ADORABLE FACE and I love muesli.


This lasted exactly 5 seconds after the photo was taken and was so good. Go find a Koko Black asap.


Coconut oil cooking spray!! I just noticed my hand looks like a zombie hand in the photo…


I love  live for peanut butter so these should help me branch out a little.


This will only end badly as my love for coconut is already ridiculous.


Goodness Me Box’s don’t just contain food – this is a Rosehip Roll-on oil thing – I’m still figuring out its use.


There’s usually a voucher or two in the box as well and this month it’s for The Beauty Chef.


Boxes are $25 per month and you more than get your money worth given the amount inside (not all of this month’s products are pictured above). The products are selected by health practitioners so you won’t receive any crap. Last month included a tub of rice malt syrup, bliss balls and carob chocolates.

You can also review each month’s products online and earn points towards free products. They ship all around Australia and postage is included.

FYI I haven’t been sponsored to write this post in any way, I just think it’s a fun way to try out new things and I really, really love getting mail.

Goodness Me!



  1. Coconut butter omg!

    OMG rosehip oil is amazing (AH MAY ZING) for scars and skin blemishes that aren’t zits. When Chloe was little, the area between her nose and top lip was sliced open by a cat’s claws and mum put rose hip on the scar every day at the doctors recommendation. I love rosehip oil so much (I just wish it wasn’t so pricey!)

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