I love it when a new cafe opens up less than 500m from your front door.

Mighty Boy is the newest eatery on the city end of Gertrude Street. They’re so new they don’t have eftpos set up yet so make sure you’ve got some cash if you’re planning a visit.


The menu includes traditional brunch fare like feta & avo on toast and eggs with a variety of sides, but with an Asian twist – free Sriracha sauce! For breakfast my friend and I both ordered the baked eggs with mushrooms, chilli, feta and tomato, without Thai sausage.


It arrived in a generously sized piping hot terracotta dish filled with large field mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, tomato puree and a few flowers on top. My breakfast partner saved hers, I ate mine.


Delicious flowers.

Aside from preserving her flowers my friend commented her eggs were a little over cooked although mine were perfectly oozy.  The sauce was thick, rich and beautifully balanced by the sweet red onions and meaty mushrooms. Although if you don’t like tomatoes it’s probably one to miss…


There’s a few other breakfast items I’m keen to return to try,  haloumi and bacon sandwich!, as well as the roti wraps from the lunch menu.  Lunch is based around Vietnamese and Thai classics including a variety of rice paper rolls, roti wraps, pad thai and salads.
Drinks include your standard coffees, tea, Mork hot chocolates as well as fruit ice crushes of lychee, pineapple and mint or coconut, pineapple and lime.

Mighty Boy ticks all my boxes – good food, decent prices and friendly staff. I read a few Urbanspoon reviews complaining of slow service but our food arrived within a decent amount of time on a busy-ish morning. Perhaps it was just opening nerves?

For breakfast or lunch that’s a little different to your usual head down to Mighty Boy before everyone else does.

Mighty Good
Mighty Boy Eatery
59-61 Getrude Street

Mighty Boy Eatery on Urbanspoon



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