The hardest part about working full time is when spring slowly begins – mornings are cold and drizzly but by lunchtime the sun is out in all its glory and you’re stuck inside an office with only a brief lunchtime to get some Vitamin D. It’s these weeks when the weekend seems to arrive even slower. Not to waste mine indoors here’s what I’ll be up to this weekend.

  • Last weekend I made the most of Saturday’s sunshine and did a mini cross-city hike from Collingwood to Ascot Vale to go to Mister Nice Guy Bakeshop. I’m thinking this Saturday I might walk south for another visit to Pana Chocolate Shop.
  • Also tomorrow you’ll find me from 10am-4pm at Aunt Maggie’s Chocolate Festival in Brunswick. I hear it’s going to be terrible with absolutely no tasters and nothing worth seeing or eating so please don’t go… please.
  • Chowing down on some crab at Katie’s Crab Shack. If it’s called Katie’s it must be great and if it serves crab even greater.
  • Batman is my second favourite superhero so there’s no way I’m missing the Riddle Me This? Batman Exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery.
  • And laundry. That’s not exciting but I ran out of time last weekend and we’re now in dire times of crazy coloured costume tights and clothes that don’t quite fit.

What are you up to this weekend?


One of the treats from my last visit to Pana Chocolate Shop.



  1. Oooh the batman exhibition sounds awesome, I definitely need to check it out with my hubby. Thanks for the heads up! x

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