Hello sunshine! I’m planning on making the most of the warmer weather this weekend – it’s so long overdue! Let’s hope the temperature stays over 20C for a few days…

  • Sunny weather = long walks and Mr Nice Guy Bakeshop is an excellent end point to any stroll. I’ve been having mad cinnamon bun cravings all week.
  • TimeOut have featured some of the new stores that have opened at Emporium and I can already feel my bank account going down…
  • Melbourne Writer’s Festival has just begun! I’m planning to check out some of the free sessions this week and next.
  • I’m heading out to the Great Ocean Road on Sunday to show some friends around. It’ll be my third visit in a year but I still haven’t tired of the view!
  • I’ve got a Brothl date tonight – a phrase I never thought I’d utter. I’ll post about it next week and let you know if my super high expectations were met (I still miss Silo).

Just looked at Sunday’s forecast – rain and thunderstorms. Sigh.

Make the most of the sunshine while it lasts!






  1. What a shame it rained today, yesterday’s weather would have been so perfect for a trip to Ocean road! Hope you still had a great weekend though!

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