Yong Green Food has been a long time favourite restaurant of mine but it’s only recently that I’ve discovered their other appeal – they serve the world’s tiniest sushi*.

Look how small it is!


You might think there is something a bit ‘orange’ about this sushi and you’d be correct in assuming it’s not your average sushi roll. This was Mock Salmon Roe aka raw sushi, filled with finely chopped carrots, cashew cream, sunflower seeds, capsicum, cucumber and avocado alongside a wasabi tamari sauce. Despite its small size the sushi was very tasty and not as a dry as I was expecting, although a lot smaller than I was expecting for $13.

Fortunately I’d ordered other dishes, unfortunately they were only miso soup and kimchi but fortunately this left me with more than enough room for dessert/s.


If you know how to photograph kimchi so it looks appetising please let me know.


While the sushi was tiny the kimchi was a very generous and delicious portion so there was plenty left to take home. Kimchi with every meal!

The liquid part of my meal was a big (cheap) bowl of miso soup and a fig ginger probiotic cleanse which sounds rather off putting but was very refreshing. Like a fig’n’ ginger soft drink that’ll also sort out your digestive system. Double win.


Dessert was raw fudge bars and a banana smoothie from Vegie Bar because why go to one vego restaurant when you can go to two?

Despite my disappointment Yong’s is still one of my favourite restaurants for their delicious vegetarian and planet friendly food. They donate part of their profits to charity and participate in the Community Climate Chest to replace the energy they use – how awesome is that!

If you enjoy tiny food – order the Mock Salmon Roe, if you’d rather not feel like a giant during your meal I suggest the Macro Dragon Bowl, Raw Lasagne, Lentil Hot Pot or Thai Green Curry. And a side of kimchi.
They do seriously good smoothies and raw desserts too.

*not actually proven to be world’s tiniest but it’s pretty goddamn small.

Yong Green Food
421-423 Brunswick Street

Yong Green Food on Urbanspoon



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