This past fortnight I’ve been ticking off places I’ve long been meaning to eat at. After a deeelish brunch last week at Abbotsford’s LBSS next on my list was Northcote’s Barry.

I was only planning to  stop by for a coffee but as soon as I spotted homemade fruit & nut bread on the menu I was there for a meal. I’m on a personal mission to try every kind of fruit toast in the city. It’s a hard task but someone’s gotta do it. So far the leader is Stovetop. It’s super nutty and dense, more the texture of cake but that’s never a bad thing.

Back to Barry. The fruit toast came with whipped spiced orange ricotto and butter. Lots of butter. The whipped ricotta was balanced nicely by the spiced orange – neither too sweet or tart. The same could be said for the fruit and nut toast which came out in thick slices with an emphasis on spice rather than sugar.


I did get my coffee –  an almond milk flat white. My experience with almond milk coffees is pretty limited but this so far ranks as the best I’ve had. It was as full bodied and creamy as a dairy coffee, something which is often lacking in non-dairy milk drinks.


Service was friendly and surprisingly quick given how busy the cafe was at lunchtime.  The Californian superfood salad, raw falafel, crisp prawn sub with kewpie mayo and peanut butter and tomatoes on toast all caught my eye on the menu. It’s different to your average brunch spot with the usuals given a twist and with plenty of options that cater to any diet.


If you’re yet to visit Barry, make it your next stop for some of the freshest and tastiest food around.

B A R R Y coffee and food
85 High Street, Northcote

Barry on Urbanspoon



  1. I went to LBSS this week because I kept looking at everyone’s pictures on Instagram and it drove me nuts – so LBSS was eaten. Now, Barry it on my list! Looks great and I LOVE Northcote. If you are in the area again, go to Palomino on High St.. OMG. They have a savoury sponge cake with dill, grilled haloumi, peas and an egg. YES.

  2. Fruit toast and whipped ricotta – yum! I’ve had limited success with almond milk in coffee this far. I find it ‘curdles’. Have experimented with rice milk, yet to try coconut (supposed to be great) so I’ll stick with soy for now 🙂

    1. I’ve had a few terrible ‘curdled’ almond milk experiences but give Barry’s a try! I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. Smith & Daughters do a good coconut milk coffee!

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