Little Big Sugar Salt has been on my ‘to brunch’ list for a long time but as it’s out in Abbotsford my inherent laziness had prevented me from visiting. In an effort to expand my dining circle beyond Fitzroy and the CBD this week I woke up a little bit earlier, put on my walking shoes and trekked* out to Abbotsford for brunch.

*In full disclosure it only took me 20 minutes to walk there so it’s not really ‘that’ far. I am just lazy.


Surrounded by Asian supermarkets and restaurants it’s easy to miss the tiny store front of LBSS. It’s a cafe that feels like a gallery with dining areas split into two rooms away from the main counter.


LBSS have by far one of the best drinks menu I’ve ever seen.  They serve hot and cold coffees with soy, dairy or almond milk as well as hot chocolates ‘made of health’ (dates, almond milk + cacao), tea served in tall flasks, smoothies, , kombucha, coconut water and juices. Plus the design is super awesome.


I’d heard people rave about their Cold Squeez’d Nuts so had to give them a try.


A combination of  almond milk and coffee and served in a gorgeous bottle (I have a weakness for quirky packaging) it tasted like a creamy rich iced coffee – reminded me of Brownes Iced Coffees for any Perthians reading. To go with my nuts I had my first ever Acai Bowl – pistachio and dried berry granola with poached pear, Acai sorbet, housemade coconut berry yoghurt and cacao nibs.


I never quite understood all the fuss about acai bowls but I totally get it now. The coconut yoghurt was light and frothy and more like cream in texture. The acai sorbet was thick like ice-cream with lots of crunch from the granola. I felt like I was eating ice-cream and cream for breakfast. A double win of delicious and healthy.

LBSS is a little pricier than your average brunch spot but they don’t skimp on portions or quality. There’s not a huge amount of seating available so I wouldn’t recommend taking a large group on a weekend.

On another note as a solo diner I found the staff to be some of the friendliest I’ve met. When you’re out by yourself it’s easy for wait staff to dismiss you to a corner but every staff member stopped to ask me how my day was going, what I thought of the food and if I needed more coffee. Big thumbs up.

Was it worth the walk? Most definitely. I’ll be back to try the Rainbow Roots Salad and Freekakes – with a side of bacon. But I just might take the tram…

Little Big Sugar Salt
385 Victoria St

Little Big Sugar Salt - LBSS Cafe on Urbanspoon



  1. LBSS has been on my wishlist for so long but everytime I’m in the vicinity for brunch, I keep getting side-tracked by other cafes. That acai bowl is what I’d really love to try, or maybe the triple-decker cheese sandwich.

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