Winter in Melbourne can be brutal. When it’s cold and raining outside there’s nothing better than hiding away with a hot chocolate and a good book.

Fortunately there are plenty of places to hide away in and none better than Collingwood’s Monsieur Truffe.


Their hot chocolates are divine and have made me a regular visitor throughout winter. They’re so lusciously thick you can – and I do – eat them with a spoon. Just look at that spoonful of chocolate goodness!


The tiny store is a cosy escape from outside filled with chocolates, golden pastries and other treats.


Monsieur Truffe make and sell their own single origin chocolate and the range reflects the origins of the beans from around the world as well as some deeeelicious blends and truffles. The bean to bar process happens in their East Brunswick factory with an emphasis on using organic and environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging.


The 70% Dark Chocolate with Honeycomb (above) and 36% Caramel Chocolate with Sea Salt Flakes are my favourites. If you’re struggling to choose they always have a platter of tasters to help – or make your decision that much harder.


Monsieur Truffe are famous for their hot chocolates which are made at whatever intensity you desire. My usual is the 72% Ecuadorian blend or the 88% African if I’m feeling a little bold…


The hot chocolates are wonderfully rich without an overly sweet or gritty aftertaste. If like me you can’t handle too much dairy, soy milk is available and tastes just as good.


This is one spot I take all my out of town visitors – the store is cosy and intimate,the staff are lovely and the chocolate is even lovelier. It’s a warm oasis filled with chocolate goodness.

Here’s one more spoon shot…



Monsieur Truffe
90 Smith Street, Collingwood
Factory & Store: 351 Lygon Street, East Brunswick
Open 7 days

Monsieur Truffe on Urbanspoon



    1. Hmm no I haven’t – but I might have to wander down there this weekend! I’ve had Koko Black’s & San Churros but I find them a bit too sweet for my taste.

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