Last weekend were two of the most delicious days of the year as Melbourne hosted its very first truffle festival. They kindly invited me to attend and so with my most truffle-mad friend and growling tummies we hopped on a train to Caulfield to indulge in everything truffle.

One of my food highlights of the day was offered to us before we’d even set foot in the exhibition area. Little bowls of potato and leek soup with freshly shaved truffle, truffle oil and a crouton smothered in truffle butter were handed to each visitor as we entered. The soup was outrageously good and I would have very happily eaten a huge bowl of it. I’ll admit as we left we went back for seconds… and considered thirds.


The exhibition hall was packed with Australia’s finest cheeses, wines, truffles and other gourmet produce. Highlights included the truffle aioli from Western Australia’s The Truffle & Wine Company and truffled brie from Calendar Cheese. We stopped by the Tamar Valley Truffles stall several times for their truffle cheddar and truffle honey – my favourite product of the day. The sweetness of the honey plus the smokiness of truffles was a combination I never would have considered but I could happily cover my toast with every morning – or just eat it from the jar.






Tamar Valley Truffles – I’m sorry we ate most of your tasters.

We paused from sampling tasters for some real food and shared a Madame Truffle‘s truffle toastie, fresh truffle, gruyere cheese and truffle butter on Zeally bay sourdough, and Pot & Pan’s truffle panini with fresh truffle, cheese, tomato and rocquette.


Sorry for blurry photo – it’s hard to take pictures and hold food.


Just look at that oozing cheese…


Made with fresh, high quality ingredients they were both delicious although my preference was Pot & Pan’s panini. We watched some of the truffle cooking demonstrations on the main stage before our dessert –  a Madame Truffle’s truffle macaron.


The truffle wasn’t as noticeable compared to the truffle honey and a little overpowered by the macaron’s sweetness but it was still a damn good macaron. We ended our afternoon watching the truffle dogs sniff around for truffles before rolling our way home.


For an opening event I was impressed by the range of products, demonstrations and most importantly tasters – that’s why you go to any food show, right? If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie or are just crazy about truffles this is one festival to add to your calendar!

Truffle Melbourne
12-13 July, 2014
Caulfield Racecourse Melbourne



  1. That looks awesome. I tried truffles for the first time last night. It was the delicious aroma of them that I was particularly taken with

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