To all those who frequented the Pana Chocolate Shop on Saturday around 12pm and were alarmed by the dishevelled appearance of a brown coated woman carrying a Wittner bag – I apologise, that was me.  I was, as you probably assumed, hideously hungover. Like, the morning after your birthday hungover. I’m also sorry for standing in front of the counter for a good ten minutes and occasionally bumping into people – I was overwhelmed by the choice and still thinking of hash browns.

Pana Chocolate

I’m a longtime lover of Melbourne’s Pana Chocolate and on Saturday was determined to visit Pana Chocolate Shop, despite a hangover-from-hell and rain. Pana Chocolate uses only natural, vegan, organic ingredients like cacao, nuts, coconut and 100% pure essential oils to create incredible flavors including Fig + Wild Orange, Sour Cherry + Vanilla, Rose and Mint (my two favourites). While a little pricer than your average Cadbury block they’re so damn good – and good for you.


As it was my first visit to the store and I was having trouble with coherent thoughts that didn’t revolve around bacon and bed, I asked the super helpful staff what their favourites were.

Pana Chocolate

Five minutes later I walked out with a raw strawberry & cream cheesecake slice and my favourite of the two, a raw vespa wheel (similar to a wagon wheel) made of raw chocolate, coconut marshmallow, raspberry chia jam and buckwheat biscuit. Check out the inside of this bad boy!


If raw cheesecakes aren’t your thing the shop has a whole shelf of individual raw chocolates like hazelnut mousse, coconut barrels and truffles. I recommend visiting with friends so you can swap and share more flavours. Or buy more for yourself – either works.

The store is quite tiny so while there are a few bar stools it’s mostly takeaway treats.

If you enjoy torturing yourself with delicious food pictures like I do, the Pana Chocolate Instagram @pana_chocolate is also worth following.

PS – The competition to win 1 of 3 double passes to Truffle Melbourne (July 12-13) is still open! Click here to enter.

Raw’kingly good chocolate
Pana Chocolate Shop
491 Church Street, Richmond

Pana Chocolate on Urbanspoon



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