Moving to a new city can be a little lonely. During my first few weeks in Melbourne I filled my days finding new cafes to drink coffee, read and watch the day go by. At the corner of my street Storm In A Teacup, a tiny tea shop/cafe/bar, quickly became my preferred hideaway to escape the world.

Storm In A Teacup is devoted to the wonderful beverage that is tea. Black, white, green, oolong, fruity, tisane – you’ll find hundreds of teas on the menu carefully selected from around the world. At night the cafe turns into a bar with tea based cocktails as well as organic wines and beers available.



After an adventurous night out I was feeling a little worse for wear during this morning’s visit and in the mood for something a little heavier than tea.
2Pocket Fairtrade Espresso, I’m sorry but you’ve been kicked off the number one chai spot. Spicy, warming and a little sweet Storm In A Teacup’s chai was served steaming hot in a big ceramic mug. Ah, this is how all chai’s should taste. Just writing about it has me contemplating another chai visit this afternoon…



The cafe also offers a delicious brunch menu (with tea recommendations for each dish) adding unique twists to the basics. My baked eggs with pancetta, labneh and greens was exactly what I needed after a heavy night of boozing. The eggs were perfectly cooked and oozed yolk when split and the labneh was a delicious creamy addition to the dish.



A year after my first visit, Storm In A Teacup is still one of my favourite spots to escape the world for brunch, cocktails or tea.

Where to go for the best tea in town
Storm In A Teacup
48A Smith Street

Storm in a Teacup on Urbanspoon


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