After SmartBar: Stuffed I now know more about taxidermy than I ever really wanted or needed to know.


SmartBar are adults only evenings held at Melbourne Museum. From 6pm until 9pm the museum opens its doors with a bar, DJ and museum staff on hand to give some behind-the-scenes info.
It’s like living a childhood fantasy of exploring a museum at night, except with a glass of wine.


SmartBar: Stuffed featured displays and demonstrations about the art of taxidermy. Birds, bugs, mammals – you name it, they were there being prepared for skinning, stuffing and mounting.


To start off our night we watched Dr Kevin Rowe perform a skinning high above dinosaurs. There were screens dotted around the room for a closer view but we were fine watching the events from a distance …


If you were feeling a little more artistic than scientific there was an art centre with an artist on hand to draw some of the museum’s residents.


Not everyone was having a great time though… we spotted this sad looking otter in the Science & Life Gallery.


Poor guy. It can’t be easy being stuffed.


After watching flesh-eating bugs doing what they do best and learning how a husky is mounted and stuffed for display we called it a night. There’s only so much learning you can handle in one evening.

The next SmartBar is coming up in July so keep an eye out for it – I hear it’ll be blingin’.

You feeling smart?
Melbourne Museum SmartBar
Carlton Gardens


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