I love food traditions. Whether it’s that cafe you always visit with the same friend, hot cross buns at Easter or lazy family nights with burgers and wine.

I spent Easter back home in Perth indulging in all my favourite food traditions and eating my weight in chocolate (I hope you did too).

One of my closest friends had also returned home from Brisbane so we met up for a reunion dinner at our ‘usual’ – La Cholita in Northbridge.


Like any Mexican restaurant worth its hot sauce La Cholita serves a mean margarita and has been the scene of many of our most impressive food endeavours, including the pig incident of 2012.


During the excitement of our first visit we were a little over enthusiastic in our ordering and ended up with more food than we could handle. While I as a vegetarian struggled through a large bowl of refried beans and tortillas (after tacos) my friend ordered the wood roasted pork hock and was surprised with an entire pig.To his credit he finished the dish. And didn’t eat breakfast the next day. Or lunch. We learnt a lot that evening mostly that “big dishes” really are big and probably for sharing. And pork hock can mean an entire pig.


Back to our reunion. While deciding on our dishes we started with Mexican street corn – charred corn cob covered in the most delicious chipotle aioli. In our enthusiasm I forgot (again) to take a photo – I’m going to apologise in advance as this will probably happen a lot. I promise I will try harder in the future to prioritise photography above eating.

Instead here is a picture of the range of hot sauces available.


Working our way down the menu next up were tostadas. Served on bite sized corn chips they are a delicious way to kick off a Mexican fiesta. The chicken and corn salsa were the favourite of the trio we ordered, the duck was disappointedly the least impressive and crab meat with avocado nothing special.


While my partner in crime worked his way through his favourite quesadillas, I went straight for the tacos.

First up was baja fish with chipotle mayo taco and the prawn, mango salsa and cos lettuce taco. Both were very more-ish. The fish was perfectly battered – melt in your mouth warm and crispy. The tortillas are damn good too.


Pumpkin, pickled cabbage and queso fresco followed with the highlight of my evening – slow cooked pork, pineapple and spring onion. It’s been too long since I’ve last had pulled pork and this was well worth the wait.


I could’ve had seconds on any of the tacos and thirds on the pulled pork but stuffed like little piggies we turned to tequila. There’s over 100 tequilas available and the waiters are more than happy to recommend a shot or two.


A little off topic – does anyone else find the descriptions of wine hilarious at times? After several margaritas the reds below gave us a few giggles.


Merry and full we rolled our way out the door to wait 30 minutes for a train home. Ah, Perth never please never change…

So as long as they keep serving margaritas, tacos and street corn La Cholita will remain our reunion spot for many holidays at home.

Just don’t order the pork hock without a partner.

More Tacos Please
279 William Street

La Cholita on Urbanspoon


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