If there’s one thing I like more than a dance-off, it’s a bake-off.

After spending Saturday night in several dance-offs, there was no way I was missing the carb delights of Flour Market Easter Bake Sale.


Anticipating huge queues and with the lure of crumpets and bagels I roll’d out of bed to be at Fitzroy Town Hall by 10am.

FlourMarketFortunately the hall was surprisingly clear. Unfortunately 5 & Dime had already sold out of bagels but there were plenty of other baked goodies to choose from.



FlourMarketDespite the many sweet doughy treats on offer my friend and I settled on perogi’s for breakfast – potato & cheese and sauerkraut & mushroom – and made sure to save plenty of room for dessert.

FlourMarketJam donuts filled with rosewater jam and custard were well worth the long queue for. Freshly baked, they were a delightfully sticky, sweet mess happily eaten on the Fitzroy Town Hall steps.


Being an Easter Bake Sale there was no way I was leaving without a hot cross bun and this one received full marks for deliciousness.


For the biggest bake sale Flour Market have ever held we were a little disappointed in the number of stalls but perhaps our bread expectations were too high. We did still leave with bellies full of baked treats and really that’s all that matters.

I would recommend you go to the next Flour Market but then the queue for jam donuts will be even longer and they’ll sell out of bagels quicker. So don’t. Please leave them all for me.

Flour Market



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