I love brunch. I love brunch even more when suffering from a vodka-fuelled hangover. (See last post)

Seeking eggs, oil and carbs my friend and I staggered to the newest addition to Brunswick street’s brunch scene: Stagger Lee’s.

No more stagger puns. Apologies.


From the people behind Collingwood’s Proud Mary, Stagger Lee’s has been much hyped about since its opening a few weeks ago.
Fortunately despite the crowds we didn’t have to wait too long for a table during peak brunch hour.

The menu is broad with substantial gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and carnivore options as well as a counter display stacked with sandwiches, salads and sweet treats.

To help atone for our boozy sins we started with juices. Nice Pear came in a generously sized jar and was a deliciously refreshing mix of pear, apple, mint and lime. My co-bruncher ordered the Bitter Sweet – honey, cucumber, grapefruit, mint – and while I’m not usually much of a grapefruit fan (it’s a little too tart in juice) the addition of honey made it very drinkable.


My apologies for the lack of food photos – we were too hungover and hungry to pause for a photo opportunity. Also my standard hangover order of poached eggs on toast with mushrooms and avocado isn’t too hard to picture. Although I’m no hard-core foodie I do have a few comments about the food:

– Herb mushrooms were excellent – order them as a side even if you get the bircher.
– Commendable serving size of avocado. Plated as an entire half scooped out of its skin, when you’re paying $4 for avocado it’s good to see you’re getting (nearly) your money’s worth.

– Poached eggs on toast came as two eggs on one standard size piece of toast. Now I’m a one egg per piece of toast kinda girl so it really irks me when cafes short serve you on the bread. If I’m paying $9 for eggs on toast I’d like to get a little bit more for my money.

Would I go back? Definitely, although it’s certainly not the cheapest cafe around the menu is interesting enough (Fat Bacon Toasty, yes please) to tempt me for another visit or two.

Stagger into Stagger Lee’s
276 Brunswick Street  Fitzroy

Stagger Lee's on Urbanspoon


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