Whenever I have visitors in town there’s a couple of usual spots I take them to show off some of the best food and drink Melbourne has to offer.

The Alchemist Bar is one of my most beloved bars in the city and one of the first watering holes I take all my inter-state visitors.The boyfriend took me there for our first date (aw) where I not only fell for his charms (ha!) but also the charms of this self-described ‘romantic’ cocktail bar.


Last weekend two of my friends were in town from Sydney and after a feast at Vegie Bar cocktails were in order.


The Alchemist really is perfect for first dates, second dates or I-can’t-remember-what-date-this-is. The candlelit tables give the bar (and its guests) a warm, intimate glow with big velvet, cushioned chairs and sofas filling every nook and cranny.

But it’s the drinks or ‘potions’ that I bring every out-of-towner for.




The Alchemist Periodic Table of Cocktails is one of the most unique menus I’ve ever seen and helps solve the equation of what to order when you feel like something boozy but tropical or rich and sour. If you don’t fancy anything on the menu the bartenders are only too happy to make up a concoction for you.


It might not look like much but the  ‘I Love Apple Pie’ cocktail (above) is currently my favourite cocktail in Melbourne. That’s a big call I’m willing to make. It’s so damn delicious.


If all this talk of Apple Pie has you a little peckish, the bar offers a range of small and large dishes including lamb burgers, tacos and meatballs as well as bar snacks. Pick a comfy sofa and you can easily make a night of it.

This isn’t a loud, hustling and busy bar like Black Pearl or Los Barbados but while they continue to serve ‘I Love Apple Pie’ and give me big velvet sofas to snuggle into you’ll find me here.

Come Visit The Alchemist
361 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Serving delicious drinks every night til late.

The Alchemist Cocktail Bar on Urbanspoon


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