One of my faaaaavourite festivals is back in town!

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the third largest comedy festival in the world AND Australia’s largest cultural event, takes over Melbourne from March-April with a program including stand-up comedy, cabaret, theatre, street performance, film, TV, radio and visual arts.

With 489 shows featuring local, national and international performers there really is something for everyone.

The festival takes place in venues throughout Melbourne from theatres and bars to cafes, art galleries and museums. Tickets sell quickly for the bigger names so get booking asap!

As for what to see… I have a long list of the shows I want to see: Wil Anderson (saw a preview on Tuesday- cannot recommend enough!), Stephen K Amos (seeing his show tonight!), Wonderland Carnivale, Hannah Gadsby, Frank Woodley, Die Roten Punkte (saw these guys at the Perth Fringe Festival and they were hilaaarious), Sameena Zehra, Dave Callan…. and that’s only a few.

Some of these performers I’ve heard of before or have been recommend by friends/reviewers while others I just liked the sound of – half the fun is going to see a performer you’ve never heard of before. Live on the (comedy) wild side.

Also if like me you want to see EVERYTHING but obviously don’t have thousands of dollars to spend most shows offer cheaper tickets on preview nights and Tightarse Tuesdays. Whoever said money doesn’t buy you happiness has never done a 3-week comedy festival binge.


PS – Have any recommendations for the festival? Please share the comedic love below!

It’s Comedy Time!
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
26 March – 20 April 2014



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