I celebrated my birthday on Friday in Melbourne for the first time and was utterly spoilt with flowers, presents, cards, birthday messages and drinks. A lot of drinks.
It’s Sunday and I’m still recovering from all the birthday drinks.

To start off my birthday I was surprised with two beautiful bouquets on Friday, one sent from a friend in Sydney…


…and the other from a mystery Count who had my colleagues and I are little confused about the sender’s identity.


After texting everyone I know who would use ‘a thousand potatoes’ as a marker for beauty the culprit turned out to be my boyfriend – of course.


So vivid!

I’d look forward to a week of a beautiful smelling house but I am a terrible flower-mother so they tend to have a very short life span.

If you’re looking for a good florist in Melbourne, the flowers from Sydney were from Grattans in Carlton and Count Ronaldo Montoya sent his from Flower Temple  in the CBD.

Unfortunately due to being on a food elimination diet I couldn’t make any plans for a birthday feast but if I could my picks would have been:

– Mamasita for some of the best Mexican in town (just thinking about the chipotle mayo on their street corn has me salivating)
– Chin Chin for the sheer size of the menu and deeeelicious coconut curry and roast veggie platter
– Izakaya Den I’m yet to visit but Japanese is one of my favourite cuisines and I hear excellent things about the sushi restaurant

Without a birthday dinner we went straight to birthday drinks at Mr Wow’s Emporium.

I’d reserved a table earlier that week which I highly recommend if you’re out with a large group. It’s free to do and ensures you’ll have one of their large booths to yourselves.


The perils of accidentally emailing from the wrong account – you’ll be full named on a reservation.

Mr Wow’s is one of my favourite bars in Collingwood and is a recipe for an excellent night out with a well stocked bar, an impressive cocktail list (the rum and cider Panacea cocktail is dangerously good), big booths, ping-pong tables, pool, indoor bocce pitch and free popcorn at the bar. What more do you need?


If you’re a little peckish in between rounds, Jabili’s Kitchen has recently parked in the warehouse behind Mr Wow’s Emporium and serves African food with a modern twist. Order at the bar and you can have Tunisian Tacos, Moroccan Sliders or Peri Peri Chicken delivered to your table.


We took over the balcony overlooking Smith Street that on a quieter evening is the perfect spot for people watching. 


After a couple of cocktail jugs my camera was quickly forgotten so you’ll have to forgive my lack of photos. I did manage to take this one of the balcony before the night kicked off.


I promise I’ll put up some interior shots at my next visit – well, I’ll try my best to remember.

After multiple jugs of cocktails and beers we headed to The Peel (more on that later) and ended the night dancing at The Rochester Castle Hotel.
After being doused in beer from an enthusiastic pint we finally headed home with aching feet to be in bed just before dawn.

Mr Wow’s Emporium
97B Smith Street, Fitzroy

Mr Wow's Emporium on Urbanspoon


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