How did you spend your long weekend?

I was intending to go to Wanderlust Festival but my plans were slightly derailed by illness so I spent most of the weekend in bed watching Real Housewives of Melbourne – for blog research purposes, of course.

Prior to being bed-bound I did some exploring and finally visited Northcote’s High Street. I’ve been meaning to visit the area for some time after read countless delicious reviews of its cafés. I particular newcomer Barry,opened in October 2013 by the owners of popular Richmond café Pillar of Salt. I didn’t have time to stop but it’s high on my list of ‘places-to-brunch’. Peanut butter with heirloom tomatos and salt’n’pepper peanuts on toast – that’s my kind of food creativity (have a look at the menu to tempt your tastebuds – Barry Coffee & Food Menu ). There was a queue at 12pm though so keep that in mind if you’re planning a visit.


Northcote is a gorgeous little suburb located north-east to the CBD and only a short tram ride away –  the 86 tram on Bourke Street will take you right there.


My main reason for visiting was to pick up some gluten-free bread (see previous post of my food elimination diet) as it was two weeks since I’d last had toast and my toaster was starting to feel neglected.Northcote

Terra Madre is one of Melbourne’s best known organic food stores stocking everything you could possibly want that’s organic/gluten-free/vegan/free-range/sugar-free.

Look at all the nut-butter! I could happily live off these shelves.


I entered with the intention of just buying bread and left with about 20 other items. These were my absolute favourite find:


Holy rice cracker they were good. I considered going back in to buy another five bags but clearly every other organic/gluten-free/vegan/free-range/sugar-free shopper was at Terra Madre as the store was packed.

This was my first time buying gluten-free bread and I’ve got to admit the results were disappointing. Not only is the bread teeny-tiny (a slice fits in my palm) and expensive at $7 per teeny-tiny loaf but I didn’t like the taste and I eat a lot of weird stuff. This was a diet approved buckwheat loaf, so I’m assuming there are some better tasting types out there. I have since discovered the bread is greatly improved by slathering it with honey or maple syrup – as most things in life are.


Still, $14 for two loaves of bread – gawd damn. If anyone has any cheaper (and better tasting) recommendations please let me know!


Wandering the High Street carrying my expensive bread, I found a few other cafes I’m eager to try out including Myrtles Crepes & Coffee – they had me at their signage and two-for-one crepes and gallettes on Tuesday nights.


Street benches in Northcote are the most attractive and enviro-friendly I’ve seen in Melbourne. Other suburbs please take note.


There are a couple of quirky stores along the High Street including Movie Reel which specialises in arthouse, cult, foreign and rare films. One to remember for the next movie night.


Curry Cafe is another on my ‘places-to-eat’ list. On Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s they offer $15  Thali ‘Indian Bento boxes’ . Choose your curry (veg and meat options), spice level (hot!), a side (mmm samosa), some more carbs (roti, pappadums, naan) and lastly a drink (mango lassssssiii). They have vegan and gluten-free options so everyone can have a happy and full belly. Got some major curry cravings now.

Northcote – worth a visit.



  1. Next time you’re feeling ‘sick’ and just cant make it into work that day you must go back to Barry. The breakfast items are delicious! Also…Curry Cafe Tuesday night specials are pretty damn awesome. I took the man there last week and he considered getting another half way through as it was soo tasty!

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