If you want to look like a local in Australia don’t ask for a small or large beer at a pub. Depending what state you’re in glass sizes are known as a middy, glass, schooner, jug, pony or pot. To name a few.

Confused? Even us locals struggle when we travel inter-state.

Here are some Beer Basics to get you the beer you want in the size you want in Melbourne.

Jug = 1140 ml/ 40 oz
Pint = 568 ml/20 oz
Schooner: 450ml/15 oz (not often seen so order with caution)
Pot = 285ml/10 oz
Glass = 200ml/7 oz
Small Glass = 170ml
Pony = 140ml/5 oz (they’re rare to come by but can be found at Little Creatures in Fitzroy)

Order a pint, a pot or a glass in any pub in Victoria and you can’t go wrong. Order a jug and you’ll quickly make many new friends.

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Heading out of Victoria?

A jug is a jug no matter where you are in Australia.
A pint is also a pint wherever you are, except if you’re in South Australia then you’ll need to ask for an ‘Imperial Pint’ = 568 ml/20 oz
A schooner is known everywhere, especially in NSW, except in SA where it’s a ‘pint’ = 450ml/15 oz
Ask for a pot in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland. It’s a ‘middy’ in WA and NSW, ‘half-pint’ in the ACT and ‘handle’ in the Northern Territory = 285ml/10 oz
Order a glass in Victoria and WA. Otherwise you’ll need to ask for a ‘seven’ in NSW, QLD, Tasmania, ACT and the NT or a ‘butcher’ in SA  = 200ml/7 oz
A pony, although rare, is a tiny beer in Australia and also a tiny horse = 140ml/5 oz
A stubbie is a can = 375ml/12.5 oz
A long-neck is a bottle with a long neck (duh) = 750ml/25 oz

Now that you know how to correctly order a beer, where to go? These are some of the best beer drinking spots in town:

The Alehouse Project – Brunswick East
The Standard Hotel – Fitzroy
Royal Saxon – Richmond
Rose Hotel – Fitzroy
The Union Club Hotel – Fitzroy
Grumpy’s Green – Collingwood
The Local Taphouse – St Kilda
Mountain Goat Brewery – Richmond
Little Creatures – Fitzroy




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