Sustainability – there’s more to it than reusable shopping bags.

Wanting to find out how to be a bit more eco-friendly than just buying recycled toilet paper, a friend and I spent our Saturday arvo exploring the Sustainable Living Festival’s Big Weekend at Federation Square.

Sustainable Living Festival

The expected eco-warriors, animal advocates and vegan vendors packed the riverfront as well as a number of local enviro-friendly organisations I hadn’t seen before.

Despite my dislike of cycling (long story involves a 20km ride on a flat tyre), I would get on a bike for Bike n’ Blend.  How it works: choose a smoothie, get on a bike and cycle to blend your smoothie! Awesome.

Speaking of awesome ideas, I present Book-A-Chook.

Sustainable Living Festival

A simple premise: you’re thinking of getting chickens, perhaps filled with idyllic scenes of chickens softly clucking in the backyard and collecting eggs every morning. But a chicken is a big commitment – along comes Book-A-Chook. Hire out some chickens for awhile and see if the neighbours complain.

The Greenpeace stall was particularly busy when we visited as they offered any passersby a refreshing spray of water – very welcome on a day with humidity comparable to Brisbane.

Sustainable Living Festival

Zebra Dream Coconut Ice cream, a personal favourite, had their newest ice-cream flavours out in their snazzy ice-cream cart. If you think that vegan ice-cream can’t be as good as its dairy counterpart, just give them a try.
I’m counting down the days until my elimination diet finishes and I can get my hands on their Salted Caramel and Luscious Latte. And Pina Colada. Already drooling on keyboard.


This will be me with all my treats.

We had a chat with some of the people from CoHousing Australia.  Eco-villages and co-housing communities is an interesting idea – I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on it.

Sustainable Living Festival

If you missed the Big Weekend fear not, the Sustainable Living Festival is on until February 23rd with workshops, exhibitions, guest speakers, films, tours, markets, performances and more taking place around Victoria.

Transitions Film Festival kicked off on Saturday and is on at Cinema Nova until Feb 23 featuring two world premieres and seven films making their Australian debut. Tying into the sustainability theme this year’s film festival explores individuals battling the odds to create change. Revolutionary Optimists and Last Call are on my list of films to see.
Check out their program to see what else is on:

Go get your eco on:
Sustainable Living Festival
February 8-23


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