You’ll have to forgive me as I’m a little worse for wear this morning after too much of a gin time last night.

The bar tenders at Goldilocks are entirely to blame.

photo 4-10

Like most good bars in Melbourne Goldilocks is hidden away, found above Noodle Kingdom on Swanston Street and accessible only via an elevator.

The bar is warm and inviting with cosy booths and big leather couches to hide away in.

photo 3-13

Once seated you’ll be handed a menu (in a childrens book of course) with only a short wine list. That’s right, a cocktail bar without a conventional cocktail or spirits menu though you’ll find six rotating cocktails on their website. Here the bartenders promise to craft a drink  designed especially for you. I’m quite particular when it comes to my cocktails (gin or rum based, not overly sweet, no milk or cream, strong and not watered down) so I love this style of personal cocktail ordering.

This time our bar tenders had their work cut out with me. Thanks to my food elimination diet my requirements were fairly restricting: “gin or vodka, soda water, cucumber, sugar – no citrus or tonic”. With other requests for “tequila something”, “like a gin & tonic, but not a gin & tonic” and “rummy” we waited to see if the bar staff would live up to their reputation.

photo 3-12

They did. Our drinks were an unanimous hit.

Most impressively for me, despite giving the same drink requirements each bartender who served us came up with a ever-so-slightly different cocktail. Double slightly-swaying thumbs up.

photo 2-13

The cocktail above was my favourite of the evening – double shot of gin, soda water and sugar muddled with a slice of cucumber. Don’t be fooled by its size, this tiny glass packed a serious punch.

photo 1-12

The fairy tale theme isn’t just limited to its name.  Three bears grace one of the walls, Hansel and Gretel was a featured cocktail for the evening and the food menu by chef Katie Marron includes three little pig sliders, Miss Muffet’s Curds and Chicken Little fried chicken. Not quite nursery-themed but delicious nonetheless is the truffle butter popcorn. Double truffled-thumbs up.

Goldilocks has recently opened up a rooftop terrace. We didn’t make it outside due to the weather but judging from the number of people willing to brave the elements it’s a popular choice.

The cocktails aren’t on the cheap side here. We paid $19 for each of our concoctions but they’re worth every cent.

If you haven’t ventured into the woods yet, I recommend you grab a red cape, say goodbye to Grandma, climb a beanstalk or take a magic carpet ride to visit Goldilocks.

Where to find the three bears:
Goldilocks Bar
Level 4, 264 Swanston Street

Goldilocks Bar on Urbanspoon


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