Sorry it’s been a little quiet over here. I headed back west to Perth for a long weekend and was having far too much fun beachin’ and boozin’.


There was plenty of swimming, long walks on the beach and chasing hats on the sand when the Freo Doctorย rolled in. Evenings were spent eating seafood and making a serious dent in my parent’s alcohol collection.




Perth really is at its best during summer. You’ve got lazy days at the beach/pool and warm nights at Perth’s Fringe World Festival, which is improving in leaps and bounds and slowly taking over the city in the most excellent way possible.

Perth’s Russell Square, usually a no-go zone unless you enjoy your evening with a side of assault, has been transformed this year into The Pleasure Garden. Inspired by the ‘pleasure gardens’ of 18th/19th century London, this family-friendly version is home to the Spiegeltent, free street performances, bars, food vendors (Dutch pancakes!) and other carnival fun. If you prefer a more intimate venue – but one you’ll be fighting for space after 7pm – the Urban Orchard in the Cultural Centre is back for another year.

Pleasure Gardens

photo 4

It’s not just night-time fun either. Street performances pop-up throughout the day – like these mermaids outside the State Library.


And if you can’t get enough of a performance hit from Fringe, the Perth International Arts Festival just kicked off over the weekend.

Fringe Fest

Plastic bag lanterns! Such fun!

Fringe Fest

This is when I miss Perth the most. Seeing this little city explode with all the extravagance and creativity of Fringe World and Perth International Arts Festival ย is fantastic – even it’s just for 5 weeks of the year.

Although perhaps some better planning could go into avoiding such an overlap of festivals. The city has two major arts festivals during the year and they both happen to fall during February. It’s difficult to get your ‘Fringe Binge’ on (attempting to see as many Fringe shows as humanely possible in a short period of time)ย while PIAF tempts you with free pyrotechnic shows and an impressive line-up of performances.

Perth Council & Government – please consider this for 2014. More time = more shows.

Yep, there’s really no better time to be in Perth.

photo 1

Perth Fringe World Festival
24 January – 23 February

Perth International Arts Festival
7 February – 1 March


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