2Pocket Fairtrade Espresso is the current leader in my ‘Chai Challenge’ to find Melbourne’s best chai.

I have only two requirements when judging a chai:

  1. It cannot be from a syrup
  2. They cannot abuse the milk (if not served separately)

I include both chai lattes and chai tea (with milk) in my search, although my preference is for chai tea as generally lattes are sweetened with syrup.

Heading back to the current leader, I stumbled across 2Pocket Fairtrade Espresso while searching for a hot beverage and a sweet thang. 2Pocket serves the usual mix of teas and coffees (all fairtrade) as well as stocking one of the most impressive collections of fairtrade chocolate outside of Oxfam. I love chocolate and I love human rights and sustainability = double win.

2Pocket’s chai tea is decently priced, especially when you see the HUGE teapot it’s served in. Part of the pleasure of chai for me is the hands on experience of pouring your own, altering the strength with milk and mixing in honey. Plus there’s the added bonus of eating any leftover honey.

The chai was spicy and a little sweet, warming but not overpowering – just as it should be. My only criticism would be that my chai wasn’t served with any honey, I did notice the girl opposite me had a pot so it may be an addition you need to ask for. However I found the chai didn’t really need any added sweetness and the many cups I had went down a treat. Bonus points for presentation too, I was tempted to grab the wicker tray and teapot and run.

2Pocket Fairtrade Espresso

Luckily, I did not so I can return to the cafe.

The cafe also stocks a range of fairtrade (note a theme here) toys, puzzles, crafts, homewares, fashion and more. It’s well worth a browse.

Want to try it for yourself?
2Pocket Fairtrade Espresso
227 Little Lonsdale Street

2Pocket Fairtrade Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon



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