Guyyyys, Melbourne Fringe Festival is here! I am super excited to see what’s in store this year and rather than follow any suggestions from Time Out or Broadsheet (as per my norm) I’ve decided to choose shows entirely at random.
So here’s what’s on my list so far – I’ll be updating it as I go so keep checking back.

Die Roten Punkte: Acrobat vs Idiot – I saw this duo at the Perth Fringe Festival in EUROSMASH (also at Fringe) and I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Go see one/both of their shows!
Street Art on the Spot
Glamping with Bobby and the Pins
Who Killed MamaShak? It’s not a Fringe fest without some burlesque. I saw Chest of Wonders fundraising show a few weeks ago and have been counting down to see what they were raising $$$ for. These ladies are fab.
Reception:The Musical
Bucket’s List
10 Things You Can’t Do On Stage

Let me know any recommendations you have. I’m still undecided between some of the performances…. I really should have started saving my $$$ earlier for tickets. But who needs food when you have the theatre?

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.50.21 PM


Returning to work after a holiday is difficult. I spent last week/weekend in Perth for a wedding (which was lovely) and enjoying the weather (which was lovely). Back in Melbourne the weather is not so lovely…. let’s hope spring comes back asap!
(PS – Apologies there’s no ‘Weekend Wanderings’ this week, I was too busy eating and drinking in Perth to see what was happening back home.)

What has helped with my post holiday blues was my first visit to my new favourite lunchtime spot – Blue Buddha Cafe.

Blue Buddha Cafe (more…)


Last Sunday with friends in town and the sun in the sky we headed to the hills to take a ride on Puffing Billy.
Puffing Billy is a century old steam train lovingly preserved and maintained by an army of volunteers. The train runs on its original tracks from Belgrave to Gembrook in the Dandenong Ranges and was used to connect some of Victoria’s rural areas.

Puffing Billy (more…)


I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do a post about one of my favourite galleries in Melbourne. In the heart of Collingwood, Off the Kerb Gallery & Studios exhibits up and coming local and international artists.  I’ve seen several of their exhibitions since I moved to Melbourne but their current is by far my favourite. Even based on its subject matter alone: cats (yes, I am a mad cat person).

Off The Kerb (more…)


So I didn’t achieve anything on my list last weekend. I spent most of it making the most of the sunny weather and meeting friends for coffee/juice in parks, which isn’t too bad a trade.
Did anyone go to the Chocolate Festival? I stayed a little more local and stopped by Vegan Day Out at the Cruelty Free Shop. Amazing vegan baclava.

So this weekend, here’s hoping I cross some off my list.

Riddle Me This? Batman Exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery and as I’ll be in the area another visit to Pana Chocolate 
– I’m heading to Healesville on Sunday to release my inner kid and take a ride on Puffing Billy
Strawberry Fields Launch Party on Saturday night
– Brunching at Breakfast Thieves, don’t leave without trying their lamingtons!

Was anyone else freezing cold this morning? 6 degrees on the fifth day of Spring?? What is this Melbourne!

All the bacon at Breakfast Thieves

All the bacon at Breakfast Thieves



I’m not a super healthy person. But, as you might have noticed in my last few posts, I’ve been trying to be healthier and make conscious decisions about what I eat.
Having said that I polished off a tub of Ben & Jerry’s for dessert- dinner on Monday night after several wines and dumplings so clearly I have some way to go.
Baby steps…

GoodnessMeBox (more…)


I love it when a new cafe opens up less than 500m from your front door.

Mighty Boy is the newest eatery on the city end of Gertrude Street. They’re so new they don’t have eftpos set up yet so make sure you’ve got some cash if you’re planning a visit.

MightyBoy (more…)


The hardest part about working full time is when spring slowly begins – mornings are cold and drizzly but by lunchtime the sun is out in all its glory and you’re stuck inside an office with only a brief lunchtime to get some Vitamin D. It’s these weeks when the weekend seems to arrive even slower. Not to waste mine indoors here’s what I’ll be up to this weekend.

  • Last weekend I made the most of Saturday’s sunshine and did a mini cross-city hike from Collingwood to Ascot Vale to go to Mister Nice Guy Bakeshop. I’m thinking this Saturday I might walk south for another visit to Pana Chocolate Shop.
  • Also tomorrow you’ll find me from 10am-4pm at Aunt Maggie’s Chocolate Festival in Brunswick. I hear it’s going to be terrible with absolutely no tasters and nothing worth seeing or eating so please don’t go… please.
  • Chowing down on some crab at Katie’s Crab Shack. If it’s called Katie’s it must be great and if it serves crab even greater.
  • Batman is my second favourite superhero so there’s no way I’m missing the Riddle Me This? Batman Exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery.
  • And laundry. That’s not exciting but I ran out of time last weekend and we’re now in dire times of crazy coloured costume tights and clothes that don’t quite fit.

What are you up to this weekend?


One of the treats from my last visit to Pana Chocolate Shop.


I finally, FINALLY made it to Brothl and it was well worth the wait.

Please don’t be alarmed I’m not about to start reviewing establishments for ladies of the night, Brothl is the revamping of Joost Bakker’s Silo.
Like it’s predecessor it’s a no waste, enviro friendly cafe/restaurant but with an emphasis on broth – you really won’t find much else on the menu aside from broth. But this isn’t the dishwater tasting grey soup you might have been served in your youth (no offence mum). Brothl creates its broth from organic, local produce and sources their bones and other bits from some of Melbourne’s best restaurants.


Beef broth + extra goodies.